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Gourmet Fruit Basket, Orchard Fresh 8lb Family Pack Grapefruit (12 pieces)

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  • FRESH & DELICIOUS FOOD: This package includes 12 pieces of delicious orchard fresh grapefruit.
  • QUALITY GIFT MULTI-PACK: Your gift set arrive in a cooled protected package. Whomever you send this basket to, the presentation is sure to make them smile.
  • FOR MEN & WOMEN: This rustic gift is fun for kids and adults. Give it to your dad for Father’s Day or to your mom for Mother’s Day. It’s perfect for birthdays! Everyone loves a bowl of fresh fruit.
  • SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE: This large collection of healthy produce is the perfect gift for anyone, from family members to corporate clients. It’s classy yet friendly, making it ideal for every occasion.
  • CAPITAL CITY FRUIT: At Capital City Fruit, we’re proud to offer a wide range of unique fruit baskets, meat trays, and other items. Our gift sets are a great idea if you want to share the best foods!


This Family sized Grapefruit Gift from Capital City Fruit will be a hit no matter where you send it. It includes 12 pieces of natural, orchard-fresh fruit. We ship only the highest quality grapefruit for your enjoyment. This basket is a gorgeous and memorable gift that will brighten anyone's day! At Capital City Fruit, we use cold packs to keep our fruit cool and perfectly fresh. Many of our packing materials are made with recycled material or are recyclable. It’s perfect for anyone from families to business clients. It’s a must for celebrating the holidays! Handwritten, personalized messaging is available at checkout for a nice extra touch. We offer shipping times of 2 – 3 days anywhere in the lower 48 states. Our baskets ship in 1-1/2" insulated, padded, and sealed bags inside the shipping box to keep them from moving or jostling while shipping. No need to worry about bruised or damaged fruit! This classic gift is sure to leave a lasting impression and is overflowing with fruits and snacks for up to 6 or 8 people. Capital City Fruit is proud to offer a wide range of professional gift baskets to share with your business associates, families, and loved ones. Whether you’re celebrating an employee’s promotion or sending your mother a birthday gift, our fruit-themed baskets are the perfect gift idea! Check out our premium selections today.